• Is MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM safe and suitable to be used by everyone?

    Yes. MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM is safe and suitable to be used by every range of age including children as young as 5 years old.

  • Will it be harmful in case the chemicals meet the skin?

    No. One could just wash the part of skin that meet the chemical with water.

  • Is MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM safe to the environment?

    Yes, the product is environmental-friendly and creates no harm to the environment. Besides, the bottle and packaging are recyclable.

  • Which type of fire can MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM put out?

    MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM Fire Extinguisher can put out three categories of Stage 1 fire which are Class A fire (combustion of firewood, fabrics, papers), Class B fire (flammable liquids), and Class F fire (olive oil and butter).

  • When will be the expiry date of MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM

    A MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM can last up to 3 years without any maintenance needed.

  • Does training or license is needed to own MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM ?

    No. MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM needs no training or license to own it since it is really easy to use with only three steps to follow. (user-friendly)

  • Does MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM need to be stored at a specific place?

    No. MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM can just be stored in room temperature but due to being a fragile product, it is recommended to be kept it out of children’s reach.

  • Does the company manufacturing MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM need approval from the authority (ie. Bomba) to manufacture and sell this product?

    No, the company does not need approval from Bomba as the fire extinguisher is regard as an additional fire prevention device .

  • Is MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM a local manufactured product?

    Yes, MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM is owned and manufactured by a Malaysian company.

  • Does MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM Fire Extinguisher contain any corrosive and toxic materials?

    No. MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM Fire Extinguisher is a non-corrosive and non-toxic product.

  • Does MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM needs to be serviced frequently like any other fire extinguisher?

    No. MAGIX TRIPLE 9TM does not need any more service after purchase.

  • What causes the bottle to break when it is thrown into the fire?

    The bottle is made from a special plastic material that is designed to break easily. It will shatter when it hits or collides with a hard object or surface. Dropping it from a distance of 3 feet or more is enough to cause the bottle to break. The high temperature of the fire will also help to melt the bottle.

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